Saturday, May 16, 2009


I've been busy. Sewing my heart out but I don't have pictures of anything done. I've been working on a surprise for someone and it is killing me that I can't post pictures or talk about it, but the person this is meant for reads my blog sometimes. So I will tell you about a few other things I've been doing.

I have been making little bow ties for my sister's wedding. There are 4 little boys (mine among them) that will be wearing them. They are coming along nicely.

I took the time the other day to recover this pillow. I got it from Target, then there was an accident which involved it needing to be washed and the fabric unraveled it self in the washer on the gentle cycle (cheap pillow). So I encased it in some cotton muslin and then made the cover with an invisible zipper so I could easily wash it when needed.

I think that's about it for now, oh I also hemmed a prom dress this weekend, so that will add to my savings for a super cool machine that I want but can't afford yet. Aahhh, some day....

What projects have you all been working on lately?