Thursday, March 19, 2009

Point Turners and Darning Feet

I have been meaning to post about these for so long and some how never got around to it until today. One of my favorite tools is a point turner.  It is great to use when you are sewing on gathers or working with shifty fabric. Its also great when you are turning a seam or corner because you can get a nice crisp point when you use this tool.  

If you like to sew clothes or are wanting to start I would highly recommend this tool. It is wonderful. 
The other tool I really like right now is my darning foot a.k.a. free motion quilting foot. I picked this up about a year ago and I have loved it. My machine is and older Bernina model so I was unable to get one with the stitch regulator on it. 

I have discovered that I can do all kinds of quilting designs with it and with some practice I am doing much better at controlling my speed and stitch length. I can also do free motion applique with it. I am really enjoying it and experimenting with it. 

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