Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The wait is over!

Oh, I am so glad that I can finally post about this! I found out that my sister was getting married on March 21st and then and there decided to make her a quilt for her wedding. I asked her favorite colors (which are corral and light blue) and then got to work to find fabric. I already had plenty of blues but hardly any corrals. So I sent an email over to Jona at Fabritopia asking her advice on what fabrics to get that were mainly corrals. She was so quick to get back to me, and she is great to work with. I ordered fabric the next day and it was here within 2 days. I will be getting more from her in the future.
Finished top view-in the wind

I decided to make a coin stack quilt top because I had a limited amount of time. My sister was getting married June 6th; that's 12 weeks folks! I knew I needed all of them. I cut out the rectangles for the front and then used the scraps for a pieced stripe across the back. I used almost everything I ordered. By the way the majority of the corral fabrics are from Jennifer Paganelli's fabrics, she is so nice and has a great blog too.
Here is the finished pieced corral stripe for the back.
This is the top all sewn together and the corral strip for the back next to it.
Here is the quilt all quilted. It took me about 3 weeks doing about an hour to an hour and a half of quilting on it each day. I had to take it easy because I injured my right wrist painting my sons room just before this. It all got done on time though so its all good!
Waiting for the binding.

Here is the top finished and spread out better so you can see the whole thing. The blues are from my stash and some of them even came from my grandma, so that's a fun bit of history to add to this quilt.
It was so windy that day I took the pictures. My two brothers and my hubby are holding up the quilt and my sister is holding on to the bottom of it.
(in case you're wondering my sweety is on the right)
Here is the back. I love, love, love it. I think in total there is about 7 yards of fabric just for the back. I love how it turned out.
I was a little scared to quilt this baby on my machine but it when great. There were only a few puckers on the back but they are small and you can't even see them unless you are really looking for them. Now I don't think I will be so afraid to make a big one for my bed.


jona said...

That is so gorgeous and I'm so happy I could help! When you asked for coral I couldn't believe it because that is such a hard to find color but I had just received Jennifer's collection and it had those great coral prints in it (perfect timing)!

I am amazed and inspired by your quilting skills. What a treasure you've made for your sister!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

wow this is so gorgeous really really amazing..we are so in love with the colorations..great job..thank for sharing with me it means so much..Blessings for your sis..

nancygeaney said...

way to put those boys to work! Love that quilt!

The Mom said...

That quilt is so beautiful! Really nice job!