Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A gift for a cute little guy

One of my friends from college recently (about 2 months ago) had her 3rd little boy; and because I believe every baby should have something new I made these:
They are double sided burp cloths. Both sides are made of flannel from JoAnn's, I added ribbon to one side of each to dress them up a bit. The green one was so plain so I also appliqued the cowboys by the fence on it too. They are also bigger than most other burp cloths I've seen. In my experience this is very helpful to the mother (she doesn't go through so many shirts a day). They are about 12'' by 17.''
I made a bunch of these after I had my second baby, mainly because the others I had were very worn. My son loved these, they are simple, cute and fast to make. If I have another one I think I will make a bunch more- you can never have to many burp cloths.

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