Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A suit and travel bags

My Hubby has been asking and asking to the point of pestering me to alter this suit. We found it at a thrift sale at the local school. It fit him perfect except the sleeves and pants were a little to long. So pants hemmed, check; sleeves taken up... ummm in progress. When I was in school I worked as a seamstress in the theater costume shop and so I had a lot of experience hemming and doing all sorts of alterations, as well as making new costumes from scratch. To this day I think it was my favorite job. But I digress... anyways fixing his suit has brought back some fond and not so fond memories (think getting in a fight with the pins and loosing) of the shop.
On another unrelated subject. We are leaving to go spend time with my family in Utah in 1 1/2 weeks and so I thought it was high time I make my self a soiled clothing bag. I hate it when the clean ones get mixed up with the dirty ones, and I hate using plastic grocery sacks for this because I always have issues with them. So here we are a bag just for the soiled stuff that is labeled and NOT plastic. Yeah.
I am trying to use up some of my stash and so I just found some fabric I liked together and started sewing. The ribbon pull string I really like. I sewed the pink one to the shear white one and then made a bit of bias tape to enclose all the frayed edges. I love it.
Of course I couldn't have it just plain, so I added some applique and a bit of hand embroidery. I haven't done embroidery much ever so this was a fun experiment, I enjoyed it so I think I will do more in the future.


Trisha said...

What a clever idea! I hope that we can meet up when you are here...give me a call!

Paul W said...

I'm still waiting for my suit! ;)