Monday, July 20, 2009

Updates from the last month

Wow, it seems like forever since I've had a moment to post on here, so I'm going to try to catch you all up on everything that has kept me away.

First I got a sewing job using this wonderful home decor fabric to make 2 sets of curtain panels and 2 cornices for the sweetest lady I think I have ever met.
Here is the drawing of what she wanted them to look like when they were done. I'm still waiting on actual pictures of the finished product but they are coming.
Then I went to a sewing get together and we all made or worked on making pillow covers to go over forms. This is the back of mine, and it is so soft I love it.
Here is the front. This pillow will be making its home in my sewing room, but I did make sure and put a zipper in it so if the kids get it dirty I can still wash it.
This next little creation was one that came to me in the middle of the night about a week ago. I had an idea and then I got heartburn (due to being in my 9th month of pregnancy) and couldn't sleep so I just got up and started working on it.

It's an I-Spy game for kids. I was just testing out my idea/pattern so I used scraps from my scrap drawer and left over bias tape.
I made two of them so each of my boys could have there own after they both wanted to play with the first one. These were pretty easy to put together and they didn't take long so I will be making more to sell soon (no time table on that). If you would like to order one just leave me a comment with your email or email me and I'll get back to you with the details.
This is the final project that I have been working on. It is a dress for a client that needed something for her up coming high school reunion. Here is a close up of the front detail,
and here is a full view. It looked great on her, but I don't think she thought it did. I felt a little bad, but it was her choice of the pattern and fabric. I really did do a great job of fitting it to her.
I guess you just can't please everyone all the time even if you do your best work on something.
So, now on to other things. I'll be making some fun pillow cases for my boys this week and I want to start on a Mei Tai carrier for when the baby gets here.

What creative things have you been up to lately?


Jenette said...

You did do a great job on the dress! And I love the I Spy game. You're so creative!

Trisha said...

I've seen the I spy games and have loved the idea!