Saturday, August 1, 2009

A bit of service

There is a local quilt shop that collects and donates quilts and blankets to the area hospitals and shelters so anyone who needs one can have one. The majority of the quilts are given to children.

I was cleaning up my sewing studio and found these finished and waiting for me to drop them off. So today I took them over to the quilt shop.
The red and blue one is about 32x32in. The top was made by my friends mother and then it found its way to me. I just added the batting, backing, quilting and binding.
These two green ones are premie sized 16x20in or so. I know the fabric is not very baby-ish but some dad out there is going to like them because they remind me of hunting and the outdoors.
This last one I made from scraps I had of another baby quilt I made and sold a few years ago. Its a premie sized one too.
It's a win win situation, the kids get a new comfort blanket and I get more storage space in my studio and the great feeling you get when you serve others in need!

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Jenette said...

I love all the stiting on the last one. What a fun idea!